[R] Linux, UNIX, XP32, Vista X64 or ...? [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Jin.Li at ga.gov.au Jin.Li at ga.gov.au
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Hi Peter,
Thank you for the quick answer. 
Given that we have UNIX system available here in Geoscience Australia, I am
wondering if UNIX is also faster and with 64 bit build. Perhaps they may be
kind enough to let me have a Linux system.
As I only have experience in using Windows PC, what kind of challenges are
there for using R in other systems like UNIX and Linux? 
Thanks again,

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Jin.Li at ga.gov.au wrote:
> Dear All,
> I am currently using R in Windows PC with a 2 GB of RAM. Some pretty large
> datasets are expected soon, perhaps in an order of several GB. I am facing
> similar situation like Ralph, either to get a new PC with a bigger RAM or
> else. I am just wondering if R is getting faster in other systems like UNIX
> or Linux. Any suggestions are appreciated.
> Regards,
> Jin
It has always been faster in Linux than in Windows on the same hardware. 
In addition, the toolchain issues have been holding up 64 bit 
development  on 64 bit Windows, whereas  64 bit build has been working 
on Linux for years.

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> On Wed, 23 Jan 2008, Ralph79 wrote:
>> Dear R-Users,
>> as I will start a huge simulation in a few weeks, I am about to buy a new
>> and fast PC. I have noticed, that the RAM has been the limiting factor in
>> many of my calculations up to now (I had 2 GB in my "old" system, but
>> Windows still used quite a lot of virtual memory), hence my new computer
>> will have 4 GB of fast DDR2-800 RAM.
>> However, I know that 1.) Windows 32 bit cannot make use of more than about
>> 3,2 GB RAM and 2.) it is normally not allowed to allocate more than 2 GB
>> RAM to one single application (at least under XP, I don't know if that has
>> changed under Vista?).
>> I remember from the R-FAQ that you can manually adjust XP so that it
>> allocates up to 3 GB to one application ("the 3GB patch"), but I read in a
>> PC-magazine and some message boards that this may cause problems. Does
>> anybody of you successfully use this "trick" without any problems?
> Yes, many people: most 32-bit Exchange servers use it.  Please don't rate
> the advice in the R documentation below tittle-tattle you read on the web.
>> Would it be wise to use a 64bit OS, as e.g. Vista X64? I think, under
>> X64 it should be no problem to allocate 4 GB of RAM to R. Any experiences
>> with that?
> That's what the rw-FAQ says, and we do write answers based on experience!
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Ralph Wirth
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