[R] JRI problem with R 2.6.1

Vladmir Makarov vmakarov at pace.edu
Thu Jan 24 19:46:54 CET 2008

Hello Members,
I wonder if someone also having a problem with JRI using new R 2.6.1.
To illustrate the problem, there is a simple Java driver problem
below. The program runs just fine on the other computer with R 2.5.1,
but does not run with R 2.6.1. It gives me no error messages either.
Needles to say, I have jri.dll at the classpath. Also, I have
downloaded the rJava package from R program (packages >> install
packages >> rJava), so version must be correct.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated,

import org.rosuda.JRI.Rengine;

public class Driver {

	public static void main(String[] args){
		try {
			String[] arg = {};
			Rengine re = new Rengine(arg, false, null);
			if (!Rengine.versionCheck()) {
			    System.err.println("** Version mismatch");
			if (!re.waitForR()) {
			    System.out.println("** Cannot load R");
			double d = re.eval("3+5").asDouble();
			System.out.print("D = " + d);
		} catch (RuntimeException e) {
			// TODO Auto-generated catch block


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