[R] save a plot from R graphics window (in Windows)

john seers (IFR) john.seers at bbsrc.ac.uk
Thu Jan 24 16:14:05 CET 2008



Are you sure this is an R problem? The "Choose" dialog can be very slow
if you have networked directories that cannot be connected to. Windows
tries to connect repeatedly and each time waits for a timeout. Suggest
you check your mapped network drives.




Dear R users

since R  2.6.0 when I try to save a graph from the Rgraphic device I
find that the system becomes so slow that I'm forced to kill the
This usually does not happen at the beginning of the session.
The problem seems to arise when the system opens the dialog window to
choose the directory and file name.

(R version 2.6.1 under Windows XP)

Thank you all


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