[R] package manual in pdf

christophe.genolini christophe.genolini at free.fr
Thu Jan 24 09:50:17 CET 2008

Duncan Murdoch a écrit :
> On 23/01/2008 7:37 PM, christophe.genolini at free.fr wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am trying to write a pdf manual for my package. I create a file
>> inst\doc\myDoc.tex. I taught that R CMD build will call latex on this 
>> file (like
>> it is said in Writing R extension), but it does not happen.
> I don't see this in Writing R Extensions, other than in the "Writing 
> package vignettes" section, where it says this happens for vignettes 
> in Sweave format.  You can force it to happen to .tex files by 
> including a Makefile.
Ok, thanks
> The usual one is produced from your .Rd documentation files.  I don't 
> know why the lines would be too long, I don't usually see that.
On the package r2lUniv, page 8, section examples: the line step outside 
the page. I saw that in other manual to.

Is it possible to change the Topic Documented order ?
And I also would like to add a "visual example" section, it is why I 
would prefer to access to the source file that produce the pdf instead 
fo rewriting all...


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