[R] Need suggestions about GUI

j verzani jverzani at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 04:15:14 CET 2008

ronggui <ronggui.huang <at> gmail.com> writes:

> There is a problem with font<- .
> g<-gtext(con=T)
> enter some text, and select a chunk of text.
> font(g) <- c("color"="red")
> Now I would like to change the color back into "black". But font(g) <-
> c("color"="black") does not work.
> Thanks

This is now fixed for RGtk2 as of version 0.0-29 (which was just uploaded to
CRAN). I'm not sure font<- alone does what you want. It only changes colors. 
You might need to look at RGtk2's gtkTextBufferRemoveTag to remove colors.



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