[R] Two-way non-parametric ANOVA?

David Airey david.airey at Vanderbilt.Edu
Wed Jan 23 16:47:19 CET 2008

> We need a two-way non-parametric ANOVA in order to analysis properly  
> some ecological data, do you know any reference in R? or how to do  
> it? Thank you very much All the best diana

A couple more references here are below. I liked the Scheirer reference.

Scheirer CJ, Ray WS, Hare N (1976) The analysis of ranked data derived
from completely randomized factorial designs. Biometrics 32:429-434

Groggel DJ, Skillings JH (1986) Distribution-free tests for main effects
in multifactor designs. American Statistician 40:99-102

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