[R] ODE's in R

Markku Karhunen markku.karhunen at ktl.fi
Tue Jan 22 09:57:25 CET 2008

Dear all,

Has anybody tried numerical solving of ODE's and/or transport equations 
in R? (Don't ask how we ended up in using R for this job, in the first 

More precisely, does anybody know any technical issue that could make 
the work insecure in the sense of propagation of errors? Is there any 
track of evidence that R is, in this kind of task, less reliable than 
e.g. MatLab? We use just a simple discretisation written in a for loop 
and a variable (i.e. user-fed) time step.

Maybe, I'm too neurotic about this, but I guess I just want some comfort 
after seeing a few particularly nasty orbits.

Markku Karhunen
National Public Health Institute,

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