[R] [R-pkgs] batchfiles 0.4-0

Gabor Grothendieck ggrothendieck at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 18:41:11 CET 2008

batchfiles 0.4-0 consists of a set of Windows Vista
.bat, .hta and .pl files.

More information is available on the home page:


- now tested with Vista exclusively (use 0.3-2 instead on XP)

- sweave.bat now has no dependencies on the other batch
  files.  With this change all .bat and .hta files now
  have no dependencies except possibly for R.

- RguiStart.bat is like Rgui.bat but takes a single argument
  which may be an .Rdata file or a folder.  It can be
  placed in your SendTo folder in which case you can
  right click in Windows Explorer choosing
   SendTo | RguiStart.bat

- Rversions.hta now elevates RSetReg automatically (but
  you will still be prompted for confirmation)

- new toggleDoc.pl perl program from Dieter Menne which
  unclutters 00Index.html Help files in packages.  See
  sample output at:
  and try toggling the Show All checkbox to see what it does.

- Rversions.bat, Rfind.bat, makepkg.bat and withgs.bat
  are no longer part of the package but are still available
  in version 0.3-2.


(Note that this is a collection of Windows batch and other
files available in the CRAN Other area for R as opposed to
a package written in R.)

batchfiles is a collection of .bat, .hta and .pl scripts
that are useful when using R or developing R software.

The .bat and .hta files are easy to install as they have no
dependencies other than R and they automatically look up R
in the registry so no paths have to be set.  Just place them
all or just those you want anywhere in your path.  There are
utilities for running R, creating packages, switching the
current R version, R scripting and runing sweave as well as

- Rcmd.bat, R.bat and Rgui.bat are all the same file which
query what name it was called by and acts in a similar way
to the R .exe files of the same name except that they first
attempt to find R by checking the registry and common
locations so to use them all you do is put them anywhere in
your path.

- RguiStart.bat is the same as Rgui.bat except it accepts
a single argument that is an R directory or .Rdata file
so if you place it in your SendTo folder and right click
any folder in Windows Explorer choosing SendTo | RguiStart.bat
it will start up R in that folder.  If an .Rdata file is
right clicked then R starts up loading that file.

- sweave.bat will run sweave and the pdflatex and then display
the pdf file (or some subset of those depending on switches).
It has builtin makefile functionality so it will not proceed
to the next step if the prior step has failed.  It also
creates and displays a backup copy of the pdf with a unique
name so two versions of the same pdf file can be simultaneously

- #Rscript.bat can be used as the first line of an R script to
make it callable as a batch file.  Rscript.bat is a variation
of it used differently.

- Rtidy.bat reformats R programs.  Its primarily included as
a simple example of #Rscript.bat .

- Rversions.hta - if there are multiple versions of R installed
this program locates all versions in the registry and
provides a GUI interface with a drop down menu to choose
which one you wish to make current.

- copydir.bat/movedir.bat copy or move packages from one library
to another such as would be done when upgrading R.  They will
create new copies but will never overwrite any files that are
already there so they should be safe to use.

- toggleDoc.pl is a perl program which unclutters HTML help
files contributed by Dieter Menne.  For an example see:

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