[R] Any tools for working with US 2000 census data?

Zembower, Kevin kzembowe at jhuccp.org
Thu Jan 17 19:55:03 CET 2008

I've been given the job of extracting some data from the United States
2000 census (files at
Maryland.zip 52M). I'm only interested in Census Block Groups (CBGs)
located within Baltimore City, Maryland. Additionally, I just have to
extract certain data fields. I think I'll be using Summary File 2. This
is my first experience working with US census data.

I wasn't successful finding anything using RSiteSearch, although there
were some packages with data extracted from the US 2000 census.

Are there any pre-constructed tools in R for working with this data?
Does the US 2000 census data itself come packaged in R? If there are no
R tools, I'd welcome any suggestions on working with this data from
anyone experienced with it.

Thanks for your advice and suggestions for me.


Kevin Zembower
Internet Services Group manager
Center for Communication Programs
Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins University
111 Market Place, Suite 310
Baltimore, Maryland  21202

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