[R] Converting plots to ggplot2

Thompson, David (MNR) David.John.Thompson at ontario.ca
Thu Jan 17 15:53:59 CET 2008

Hello Hadley,

I am trying to reproduce the following with ggplot:
    a <- seq(0, 360, 5)*pi/180 ; a
    ac <- sin(a + (45*pi/180)) + 1 ; ac
    plot(a, ac, type='b', xaxt = "n")
    axis(1, at=seq(0,6,1), labels=round(seq(0,6,1)*180/pi),1)
    abline(v=c(45*pi/180, 225*pi/180))

I can get the basic plot:
    p <- qplot(a, ac, geom=c('point', 'line')) ; p

but cannot seem to add the vertical reference lines:
    # representing NE and SW compass points
    p + geom_vline(intercept=45*pi/180)
    p + geom_vline(intercept=225*pi/180)

nor find a reference to manipulating the axes labels
(still searching the news archives though).

Also, I would like to add additional curves to the same
plot with the sequence 'asc' generated by:
   s <- seq(5, 45, 10)*pi/180 ; s
   asc <- lapply(s, function(x) x*cos(ac) + x*sin(ac)) ; asc

Suggestions? Thanx, DaveT.

> sessionInfo()
R version 2.6.1 (2007-11-26) 


attached base packages:
 [1] datasets  tcltk     utils     stats     graphics  grDevices splines
 [9] methods   base     

other attached packages:
 [1] svGUI_0.9-5        svViews_0.9-5      svIO_0.9-5
 [5] R2HTML_1.58        ggplot2_0.5.2      RColorBrewer_0.2-3
 [9] proto_0.3-7        reshape_0.7.4     

loaded via a namespace (and not attached):
[1] lattice_0.14-17

> Sys.info()[c(1:3,5)]
                      sysname                       release 
                    "Windows"                      "NT 5.1" 
                      version                       machine 
"(build 2600) Service Pack 2"                         "x86" 
Silviculture Data Analyst
Ontario Forest Research Institute
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
david.john.thompson at ontario.ca

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