[R] Problem with running installed package on Windows

James Ferguson jcf at uvic.ca
Thu Jan 17 00:27:50 CET 2008

Thanks for everyone's help - I figured out the problem, or at least some
way of making the package work properly.  I noticed that everything was OK
if I logged in as administrator.  Not sure why that might be.

Regards from Victoria,
James Ferguson

> On Wed, Jan 16, 2008 at 08:58:50AM -0800, James Ferguson wrote:
>> Uwe, thanks for your response.  The version of R was 2.6.1 and the
>> version
>> of the package is the most recent 2.2-13.  As mentioned, it works fine
>> on
>> OS X but not on Windows XP.  I will try using Rtools (from Duncan
>> Murdoch's site) and install manually using the .zip file.  Any other
>> ideas?
> You don't need Rtools to install from the .zip file. .zip files are
> binary packages, only R is needed to install them:
> Rcmd install ....
> Rtools is only needed for compiling packages and/or R from source.
> Just before you start installing Rtools.....
> Gabor
> --
> Csardi Gabor <csardi at rmki.kfki.hu>    UNIL DGM

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