[R] odfWeave and xtable

Max Kuhn mxkuhn at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 19:26:05 CET 2008

2008/1/16 David Hajage <dhajage.r at gmail.com>:

> Ps : I would like to know if there is an R project to include all existing
> format outputs (latex with Sweave, odf with odfWeave, html with rWeaveHTML)
> and all the wonderful work of their author in a same package or in a same
> project. All of these use a very similar syntax (<<foo>>= R code @), but
> there is anyway a lot of work to rewrite the R code to make a file writes
> for Sweave working with odfWeave. A latex file can be convert to latex or
> rtf, but it depends on external programs not very easy to use.
> For example, I would imagine an input similar to the syntax of help files
> (.Rd), but the R code could be include (<< foo >>= R code @), and a

When developing odfWeave, I did run into issues that could not be
taken into account with Sweave. That is why odfWeave calls Sweave
instead of using Sweave directly (as you would with the R2HTML
package). It would be nice to have a more uniform/expanded interface
in Sweave that can more naturally accommodate other types of markup
(beyond writing drivers).

> Sweave-like function could replace R code with results and convert the file
> into latex, html or odf.

I *think* that odfWeave with OpenOffice/NeoOffice can do that. I think
I saw somewhere that newer versions of OO support LaTex, but clearly I
haven't looked into it. I do know that using OO as a conversion tool
to rtf, doc, pdf and html works very well.



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