[R] Graphical output: dials and meters for a dashboard?

Parker Jones zoubidoo at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 16 14:40:56 CET 2008


> Here is a quick and dirty function to do so (things can easily be
> changed to reflect preferences):
> [...] 
Thanks Greg, that's working fine and is a fabulous starting point.  Much appreciated!

> Multiple dials can be created using par(mfrow= ... 
> Or the my.symbols function from the TeachingDemos package.

I see there are several ways of having multiple plots: split.screen, mfcol etc.  I have now got multiple dials going using split.screen, but I was wondering, are all approaches to multiple plots effectively the same or do they have different merits?  Is there an approach best suited to regularly updated displays?

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