[R] logistic model simulation

Wang Yi wangyi at mail.tea.ac.cn
Tue Jan 15 19:06:35 CET 2008

Hi all,

  I am using GLM (logistic model) to study the rainfall occurrence. Here is my glm 
model, an example to interpret:

glm(formula = y ~ x , family = binomial(link = "logit"))

y -- rainfall occurrence (0 or 1) at a given day in a year
x -- previous rainfall occurrence

After fitting the model, I am hoping to perform the simulation (e.g. run 1000 times)
based on the previous rainfall occurrence (e.g. January 1) to generate the following 
sequences of wet and dry days but I don't know how to realize it in R. Does it need a 
a random number binomially distributed ? 

Any suggestions would be appreciated in advance! 

Best wishes

  Wang Yi
  START Regional Center for Temperate East Asia(TEA),
  Institute of Atmospheric Physics(IAP), 
  Chinese Academy of  Sciences(CAS), 
  Qijiahuozi Huayanli 40#, 
  P.O.Box 9804, Beijing 100029,China 
  E-mail:wangyi at tea.ac.cn

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