[R] unload & reload a (new version of a) package

Harte, Thomas P THarte at tiaa-cref.org
Tue Jan 15 15:17:01 CET 2008

there is no namespace in my package, so the 'unload' arg seemed
irrelevant (i tried it without success anyway); but there is a dll
in my package (i should have said that this is on Windoze).

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See ?detach, in particular the 'unload' argument and "Details" (issues 
involve namespaces & methods, among other things).

Also, note that if the package loaded any compiled code (DLL's in
some OS's do not support unloading & reloading these.

-- Tony Plate

Harte, Thomas P wrote:
> i'm putting the final touches on a package that i'm developing and i 
> noticed that if i detach the package, and then re-build & re-install 
> it (using R
> CMD)
> then I can't get the newer version of the package to load in the 
> existing R session (i have to close it out and start a new session, 
> then the newer version of the package is loaded).
> looking through the source of 'detach'  i see :
>       .Call("R_lazyLoadDBflush", paste(libpath, "/R/", pkgname, 
>             ".rdb", sep = ""), PACKAGE = "base")
> is there some absolute way similar to the above to flush the package 
> db
> and ensure that a newer version of the package can be loaded into the
> existing R session? detach calls .Last.lib and seems to go through the
> motions of purging the loaded package; why, then, is the package still
> lurking around in the existing R session?
> it's not a big deal; it's only a minor pain having to re-start an R 
> session. i'm more interesting in why this is happening.
> cheers,
> thomas.   

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