[R] stochastic growth rate (package biopop)

privalan privalan at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 14:28:43 CET 2008

Dear all,

I am running matrix population models using package "popbio".

In a deterministic model {i.e., transition matrix is defined as A <-
matrix(c(0.70, 0.70,0.35,0.50), nrow=2,byrow=TRUE}, population growth rate
can be estimated from the dominant eigenvalue {command "eigen.analysis"}.

However, I cannot figure out the way to compute the asymptotic stochastic
population growth rate using “popbio”. I would like to perform a stochastic
model in which my demographic rates are sampled from beta distribution with
known mean and SD. For example, rather than 0.50 (4th term of my matrix), I
want to sample this parameter from a beta function at each time-step {e.g.,
betaval(0.5, 0.05)}. Then I want to run the model for 1000 time steps (or
more) and estimate the asymptotic stochastic growth rate. Is there a command
that enable this kind of modelling?

Thank you,

Best wishes,


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