[R] odfWeave and xtable

Frank E Harrell Jr f.harrell at vanderbilt.edu
Sat Jan 12 19:03:11 CET 2008

??? wrote:
> Dear All,
> I am new to odfWeave and was wondering if there are something similar
> to the xtable package that can automatically convert model
> coefficients into LaTeX/ODT tables?  More generally, how do people who
> use odfWeave transform model results into tables? The odfTable does
> not seem to be able to do this (maybe I am wrong, and would appreciate
> some demos). Thanks.
> Best,
> Shige

This is not related to tables, but see the latex methods in the Design 
package.  There are methods for using LaTeX to typeset various kinds of 
regression model fits.


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