[R] Fwd: multinomial regression for clustered data

Jukka Jokinen jtjokine at cc.helsinki.fi
Fri Jan 11 13:00:48 CET 2008

> From: " Niccol? Bassani " <biostatistica at gmail.com>
> Hello dear R-users,
> does any of you know a way to perform a multinomial regression with
> clustered data (i.e. repeated measurements)? I made the first analysis
> with Stata option vce cluster in the mlogit command but was looking for a
> similar functionality in R too...
> thanks all!
> niccolò

See function drm in package drm. For multinomial responses, you need to
use the baseline category logit link function (link="bcl") for the mean.
In order to account for the dependence between the repeated measurements,
various exchangeable and temporal models for the associations can be
specified with argument "dep".

best regards,

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