[R] loading igraph package on Solaris

Gabor Csardi csardi at rmki.kfki.hu
Fri Jan 11 08:55:57 CET 2008


the changes you made should be ok. (No changes are needed for gcc/g++
anyway.)  The problem is not the C compiler, which is (most likely)
gcc, but the c++ compiler, which is not the GNU 
c++ compiler, but the Sun version. I guess that the GNU c++ compiler
is called g++ or gxx. If you found out which one, or that this 
compiler is installed on your system at all, see 
6.3.3 in http://cran.r-project.org/doc/manuals/R-admin.pdf
on how to supply your Makevars file.
--configure-args might work as well, but you need to set the 
CXX variable, not CC.

My understanding is that once you set up gcc/g++ in your Makevars file,
you can simply do 'install.packages("igraph")'.

Someone who knows Solaris/R better, please correct me if i'm wrong.


On Thu, Jan 10, 2008 at 06:21:28PM -0600, Peter McMahan wrote:
> I compiled and installed using:
> R CMD INSTALL --configure-args="CC='gcc'" igraph
> and still, library(igraph) gives me:
> Error in dyn.load(x, as.logical(local), as.logical(now)) :
>          unable to load shared library '/home/mcmahan/R/i386-pc- 
> solaris2.10-library/2.5/igraph/libs/igraph.so':
>    ld.so.1: R: fatal: relocation error: file /home/mcmahan/R/i386-pc- 
> solaris2.10-library/2.5/igraph/libs/igraph.so: symbol __1cDstdEcerr_:  
> referenced symbol not found
> Error : .onLoad failed in 'loadNamespace' for 'igraph'
> Error: package/namespace load failed for 'igraph'

Csardi Gabor <csardi at rmki.kfki.hu>    UNIL DGM

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