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Wed Jan 9 23:09:48 CET 2008

   Happy New Year
   Our *** San Francisco *** R/Splus Advanced Programming is scheduled for
   January 24-25,
   Please email for earlybird rates: Payments due after the class.
   R/Splus Advanced Programming Course Outline:
   Day 1
   - Overview of R/S fundamentals: Syntax and Semantics
   - Class and Inheritance
   - Concepts, Construction and good use of Language Objects
   - Coercion and Efficiency
   - Object-oriented Programming in R and S-Plus
   - Taking advantage of fast objects and fast functions
   - Advanced Manipulation tools: Parse, Deparse, Substitute, etc.
   - How to fully take advantage of Vectorization
   - Generic and Method Functions
   - Search path, Databases and Frames Visibility (S-plus)
   Day 2
   - Working with Large Objects
   - Handling Properly Recursion and Iterative Calculations
   - Managing loops; For (S-Plus) and for() loops
   - Consequences of Lazy Evaluation
   - Efficient Code Practices for Large Computations
   - Memory Management and Resource Monitoring
   - Writing R and S-plus Functions to call Compiled Code
   - Writing and Debugging Compiled Code for S-plus and R system
   - Connecting R to External Data Sources
   - Macros in R
   - Understanding the Structure of Model fitting Functions in R and
   - Designing and Packaging Efficiently a new model Function
   Payment due AFTER the class
   Email us for group discounts.
   Email Sue Turner: [1]sue at xlsolutions-corp.com
   Phone: 206-686-1578
   Visit us: [2]www.xlsolutions-corp.com/courselist.htm
   Please let us know if you and your colleagues are interested in this
   class to take advantage of group discount.
   Register now to secure your seat!
   Elvis Miller, PhD
   Manager Training.
   XLSolutions C orporation
   206 686 1578


   1. file://localhost/tmp/tmpxwgWPu.html#Compose
   2. http://www.xlsolutions-corp.com/courselist.htm
   3. http://www.xlsolutions-corp.com/

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