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John Kane jrkrideau at yahoo.ca
Wed Jan 9 22:03:12 CET 2008

--- Sitadri_Bagchi at swissre.com wrote:

> Is there a number I can call to get started with R? 
> I have some really 
> basic questions that won't take more than 10
> minutes.
>         Sitadri

Probably not unless you know an R-user personally or
there's someone at your firm or institution whom you
can corner. :)

There's no problem about asking really basic questions
here although it is a good idea to read some of the
documentation first. It helps make the questions sound

In fact, it is probably better to post the questions
as it allows you to clearify your thinking and it
ususallly is easier to respond to the questions when
one has code right in front of one. 

Whenever possible give a little example of what you're
doing (as requested in the posting guide).   A line of
code is worth 1000 words of description (to

I found a very basic but very useful tutorial at
http://www.math.ilstu.edu/dhkim/Rstuff/Rtutor.html .  

A handy place to find a lot of basic information is in
the R FAQ 7—access from the main R page. Section 7
can often explain some of R's endearing quirks.

Also have a look at the Books and Contributed
documentation links on the main R page.  There is a
lot of excellent information there, including several
short documents that address the new user.

The "Introduction to R" is very useful but I must say
that I started to find it useful after reading some of
the other materials on the site. 

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