[R] Orientation of labels on axes

Jim Lemon jim at bitwrit.com.au
Tue Jan 8 09:44:09 CET 2008

mika03 wrote:
> http://www.nabble.com/file/p14664173/at-modality.png 
> I created the above image with R and I have one problem left:
> Some of the labels of the axes do not show up, probably because there's not
> enough space.
> I use the following code to create the plot:
> modality <- read.table("results.table", header=TRUE, sep=",")
> color <- c("red3","green3","blue3","orange2","purple2","brown4")
> plot(modality, col=color)
>>From the manual I though one of the following might help:
>>plot(length, col=color, las=1)
>>plot(length, col=color, las=2)
>>plot(length, col=color, las=0)
> This is supposed to change the orientation of the axis lables, I guess. But
> it doesn't change the output a bit.
> Does anyone know what to do?
> (I am happy with almost any solution that makes the missing labels appear:
> smaller fonts, rotating the labels etc.)
Hi Michael,
If you're having trouble with labels fitting on an axis, look at the 
staxlab function in the plotrix package.


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