[R] glibc detected *** /usr/lib64/R/bin/exec/R: double free or corruption ???? tm package

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Mon Jan 7 13:50:03 CET 2008

On Mon, 7 Jan 2008, Jan Wijffels wrote:

> I have a collection of .txt documents in my working folder for which I 
> want to do some text mining. If I run TextDocCol from the tm package, R 
> crashes with some memory issues. Does anyone has any idea if this is 
> related to R itself or to the tm package?

Given that R runs many, many other things without doing this, it is almost 
certainly a bug in one of those packages. The way to find the original 
problem is to run under valgrind (possibly using an R build set up for 
it): the report is probably on a result of previous memory corruption.

See 'Writing R Extensions' for how to debug such issues.

> Below you can find what is happening here.
>> setwd("/home/jan/Work/2008/Profacts/textmining/tryouts/workfolder")
>> require(tm)
> Loading required package: tm
> Loading required package: filehash
> Simple key-value database (1.0-1 2007-08-13)
> Loading required package: Matrix
> Loading required package: lattice
> Loading required package: Snowball
> Loading required package: RWeka
> Loading required package: rJava
> Loading required package: grid
> Loading required package: XML


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