[R] INSTALL.in: Install R to local path?

Patrick Connolly p_connolly at slingshot.co.nz
Thu Jan 3 20:45:15 CET 2008

On Wed, 02-Jan-2008 at 10:08PM +0100, Daniel Oberski wrote:

|> Dear all,
|> I am trying to install R on a (Linux Debian) machine where I do not
|> have root access. So far I succeeded in compiling from source and
|> running R.
|> But I would really like to be able to use "make install" and to be
|> able to install certain packages such as foreign. Now these actions
|> require permissions for directories that I do not have.
|> In particular I would like R home to be ~/bin/R, the libraries to
|> reside in ~/lib, and so on.

It's simple to make a link from ~/bin/R to the executable that the
installation process creates.  Even on a machine where I have root
access, I prefer to do it that way.  It's better than make install
since it's simpler to use other versions of R (which will have a
slightly different link).  My ~/bin/ has links such as these:

R -> /usr/local/R-2.6.1/bin/R
R260 -> /usr/local/R-2.6.0/bin/R

Where you don't have root access, that won't be /usr/local/.
Substitute where you have it.

No need to tinker with the configure script.


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