[R] Windows Shell Command under Vista

Dieter Menne dieter.menne at menne-biomed.de
Wed Jan 2 15:49:11 CET 2008

Dear R2008,

In Windows 2000, I used the following shell extension to allow right-click
rgui start in a directory (assuming rgui.exe is on the path:


[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\Run R] 

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\Run R\command] 
@="Rgui.exe --no-restore --no-save --internet2"

I switched to Vista this year. For reasons I don't understand, I have to
give the full path now, even if rgui is on the path. However, the solution
below does not really work, getwd() is always in \windows\system32. I tried
several cmd.exe "..." variations, without success (strangled by "\""\"?) And
a nasty feature of Vista is the long delay of 19 seconds until a command box
comes up on my computer.

To avoid RTFMs: I know how to do this with setwd().


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\Run R] 

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\Run R\command] 
@="\"C:\\Program Files\\R\\R-2.6.0\\bin\\Rgui.exe\" --internet2 --no-save

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