[R] Subsetting data frame problem....

Ross Darnell r.darnell at uq.edu.au
Wed Jan 2 04:21:20 CET 2008

You could try 

> complete.case.df <- na.omit(df)

Ross Darnell

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Dear R users,

I'm new but already fascinated R user so please forgive for my
ignorance. I have the problem, I read most of help pages but couldn't
find the solution. The problem follows....

I have large data set 10,000 rows and more than 100 columns... Say
something like


I would like to select only rows where all variables are not NA.... so
I can do something like

df <- subset(
                              , !is.na(var1) & !is.na(var2) &
!is.na(var3) & !is.na(var4) & !is.na(var5)......................

But that would be very bad solution because I have more than 100
variables and if would be lengthy code to maintan..... also, it might
be error prone programming style...Am I right?

my question is if there is some smarter way of doing this which would
work even if I have 1000 variables???

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