[R] barplot and pca plot in mvpart

Shu Zhang zhangshu at math.umd.edu
Fri Feb 29 16:34:46 CET 2008

I'm using the R package called mvpart, which is about the multivariate
regression trees.

The function I wrote is:
mrt1<- mvpart(coefmat~sChip+sScreen+sMem,data=mixdata, xv="pick",

where "coefmat" is a matrix(of dimension N*K) to store the coefficients of
my functional data object; and the predictors in the formula are all
vectors of length N.

Since I set the option "bars=T" and "pca = T", I get the barplot at the
node of each leaves on my tree, and a pca plot. My question is that what
is the barplot about? Is it the histogram of the rows of "coefmat" in the
node, or the value for any predictor?

Also I get a messy pca plot. I guess each "square" (it's not quite square)
in the pca plot represents a node in the tree; but what are the squres

Many thanks for any help on this.


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