[R] p-value for fixed effect in generalized linear mixed model

Martijn Vandegehuchte martijn.vandegehuchte at ugent.be
Wed Feb 20 15:19:19 CET 2008

Dear R-users,

I am currently trying to switch from SAS to R, and am not very familiar with R yet, so forgive me if this question is irrelevant.

If I try to find the significance of the fixed factor "spikes" in a generalized linear mixed model, with "site" nested within "zone" as a random factor, I compare following two models with the anova function:

model1<-lmer(aphids~spikes+(1|zone:site), method="ML", family=quasipoisson)
model2<-lmer(aphids~(1|zone:site), method="ML", family=quasipoisson)

This gives me a p< 2.2e-16 ***, concluding that "spikes" has a highly significant effect on "aphids". However, when I look at the summary of model1:


I find a t-value for "spikes" of  -0.1166 which is really insignificant...

When I try model1 in SAS with proc glimmix, corrected for overdispersion with "random _residual_", it also gives a p-value for "spikes" of 0,985. So if "spikes" is not having a significant effect on "aphids", then why the above mentionned p-value generated by anova in R? 

Can anyone explain this?

Please find the dataset in the attachment.

Many thanks beforehand,


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