[R] R-Commander - pie charts menu blinded out

Peter Dalgaard P.Dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Wed Feb 6 15:29:37 CET 2008

John Fox wrote:
> Dear Peter and Iksmax,
> To elaborate slightly, the Rcmdr tries to figure out which menu items are
> appropriate in a given context, and as Peter says, requires that you have at
> least one factor in the active dataset before activating the pie chart menu
> item; only factors will be included in the pie-chart dialog variable list. I
> suppose that this approach sometimes makes it more difficult than necessary
> to do some things that people legitimately want to do, but the idea is to
> protect students in introductory statistics courses -- the target audience
> for the Rcmdr -- from doing foolish things. (If I were really "holier than
> the prophet" I would have omitted pie charts entirely!)
Perhaps stating the obvious: That remark was intended as tongue-in-cheek....

Apart from protecting people from doing foolish things (there's a famous
quote about that, though), there's also the aspect that an interface
gets simpler if you reduce the number of choices. So of course it is a
valid design decision.


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