[R] Legend problem when exporting a plot to PDF

Julien Roux Julien.Roux at unil.ch
Tue Apr 29 11:14:51 CEST 2008

Hi list,

When exporting to PDF a graph with a legend, in the final PDF, the text 
is going beyond the legend box.
 > dev2bitmap("test.pdf", type="pdfwrite", h=6, w=6)
The legend looks OK on the screen.
I noticed that the size of the legend box depends on the size of the 
screen window, which is not the case for other graphical parts (text of 
the legend, title, axis text...)
Any tip on how to deal with this?

Another problem I encounter, which may be linked to this is:
When I want to export PDFs to a given size with dev2bitmap (let's say 
h=3 and w=3), the size of the text of x-labels, y-labels and the x-axis 
annotations is not adjusted. The margins also keep the same size. Then 
if the size is too small, all the text fields overlap and the result is 
not nice.
How to change this? I guess it's possible since the on the screen (x11) 
the margins are adjusted relative to the size of the plot.

If you know one good tutorial to help creating ready-to-publish 
graphics, I would appreciate the reference.
Thanks for your help

R version 2.6.2 (2008-02-08)

Julien Roux, PhD student
Department of Ecology and Evolution
Biophore, University of Lausanne, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
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