[R] Help with installing R on Red Hat linux 4

Patrick Connolly p_connolly at slingshot.co.nz
Tue Apr 29 11:15:48 CEST 2008

On Sun, 27-Apr-2008 at 10:52AM -0700, David.Nordello at noaa.gov wrote:

|> I am trying to install the rpm for R
|> I  using Red Hat 4 ES on a 64bit machine
|> Kernel version  is 2,6,9-67
|> This is the error i get
|> "Failed Dependencies libg2c.so () ()(64bit) is needed by 
|> R-2.6.2-1.rh4.x86_64rpm
|> I have libf2c-3.4.6-9 installed on the box
|> any suggestions?

Try this:
yum provides libg2c*

It will tell you what rpm you need.  When you know what you need, use 

yum install compat-libf2c<whatever>.rpm

In any case, it doesn't take long to install from the source, and
there are very simple instructions in the tgz file, and you'll have a
newer release without having to wait until the 2.7.0 rpm is available..


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