[R] R on X11 under Linux (newbie)

(Ted Harding) Ted.Harding at manchester.ac.uk
Mon Apr 28 23:37:21 CEST 2008

On 28-Apr-08 21:22:51, Dumblauskas, Jerry wrote:
> I just installed R on my 64 bit SUSE Linux system
> -- I compiled with the default x windows support on..
> This may be a newbie question (apologies in advance)--
> but how does this show up in X?
> I have SSH'd in to my box and set my display -- I can
> run xcalc OK -- but when I hit the R binary it just goes
> to the command line -- if does not give me an x-window.

If I understand your problem correctly, you have logged
into a remote box and are using a "terminal" window at
that point. If you enter the command R in that terminal,
then you will be operating R via command lines in that
same terminal.

If you want a separate X window with R running in it,
the usual procedure would be to open a new X window
from you current command line. One possibility is
simply to enter the command

  xterm &

(the "&" is important -- it will "detach" the new window
from the terminal ijn which you started it). Then you
can switch to the new window and run R in that.

Any graphics generated by R will cause a new X window
to appear in which the graphics will be displayed.
You can generate additional X windows for additional
graphic (keeping what you have already) with X11().

If you're logging in via ssh, you may need to log in
using the command

  ssh -X <host>


  ssh -X <user>@<host>

to ensure that the remote X client has permission to
send its X requests to the machine you are sitting at.

Hoping this helps,

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