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(Ted Harding) Ted.Harding at manchester.ac.uk
Sun Apr 27 17:11:07 CEST 2008

On 27-Apr-08 14:25:57, Brian Lunergan wrote:
> Morning all:
> Coming straight to the point. Switched from XP to Ubuntu Linux.
> Followed the steps outlined on the website to install a current
> version of R to my machine. Seems to have worked OK, but the
> process doesn't install it to the desktop. The notes don't go
> into that part of it, so I'm seeking some advice from others more
> experienced on how to take the last couple of steps to make R a
> menu/desktop choice in GNOME.
> Please and thanks.
> Brian Lunerganer
> Nepean, Ontario
> Canada

If you right-click on the desktop background, you should get a
dialogue box in which you can choose "Create Launcher". Click
on that, and fill in the fields -- above all fill in the
"Command" field! Provided you check the box "Run in terminal",
you will get a window, with R running, into which you can type

An alternative is to make a generic "xterm" launcher instead,
and when this is started up you can run anything in it,
including R, by simply typing in its command. I would suggest
that, even if you only use this for R, it is a better way
to do it.

The "desktop R icon", for instance, will always start R in
the same directory, while if you start off with the generic
Xterm you can change to whatever project directory you want
before starting R. Also, if you want to start R at any time
with special options, this is also the way to be able to do

Final tip: instead of putting a launcher on the desktop,
you can put it instead in the "panel" (which you perhaps
think of as a "taskbar") by right-clicking on the panel
and then choosing "Add to Panel".

Hoping this helps!

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