[R] pdf() and histogram() in function call

qian z qianpland at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 23 18:48:32 CEST 2008

   Here is a function I wrote. It runs no problem, but generate empty pdf

   I can't find what is the problem.

   create.pdf<- function(x, dir)
     dir.create(dir, showWarnings = FALSE)
     plist<- c("a", "b" , "c", "d")

     for(j in plist)

      filedir<- paste(dir, "/", j, ".pdf", sep="")

      form1<- as.formula(paste("~ ", j, " | var1", sep=" "))
      form2<- as.formula(paste("~ ", j, " | var2", sep=" "))
      form3<- as.formula(paste("~ ", j, " | var3", sep=" "))

      histogram(form1,data=x,type="count", xlab=j,main="Histogram conditioned
   on the levels of var1")
      histogram(form2,data=x, type="count",xlab=j,main="Histogram conditioned
   on the levels of var2")
      histogram(form3, data=x, type="count", xlab=j, main="Histogram
   conditioned on the levels of var3" )



   I have tried to find the problem, but no luck!  Seriously need HELP! Thanks.


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