[R] Research Notes

mel mel at altk.com
Tue Apr 22 17:39:53 CEST 2008

Tom Chr Backer Johnsen a écrit :

> What has become more and more obvious to me after I started using R 
> about two years ago is that I have collected a large number of data 
> files, scripts, and workspaces (.Rdata files) in several catalogs on my 
> computer.  It is also obvious that my memory is not up to the task of 
> keeping track of everything.  Of course, this is not simply an R thing, 
> it also applies to other kinds of documents of various kinds.
> Perhaps what is needed is some type of computerized "Research notebook", 
> and I wonder if any of the readers of list have had this problem and 
> have a suggestion in respect to a solution.

I only save my *.r script source files, daily. It's not too heavy.
I tried to precede each file, and each function,
with at least 1 comment-line filled with key-words.
(Plus other comments)
This trick works for all languages.
Even some years later, this allows to retrieve forgotten functions.

any search engine, like the simple Windows search menu is ok.

comment lines can be used for other powerful tricks.

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