[R] Research Notes

hadley wickham h.wickham at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 15:30:10 CEST 2008

>   I wouldn't dream of using a proprietary tool with a proprietary and
>  closed format for this kind of thing EVER. If you want something more
>  sophisticated than my Plain Text File solution then keep a 'NOTES.tex'
>  file then you can include equations and graphics. Plus it's then trivial
>  to cut things out of it into your final reports and papers.

The same goes for data - storing stuff in rdata files is useful to
speed things up during the course of an analysis, but I don't think
it's appropriate as a long term storage format.  You're better off
than with SAS's format - if you need the data in 10 years time at
least you'll probably be able to recompile the relevant version of R
(or read the description of the rdata file) - but it's much easier to
extract data out of a text based format like csv.



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