[R] Data labels in barchart (lattice)

K. Elo maillists at nic.fi
Mon Apr 21 20:33:53 CEST 2008

Hi again,

Deepayan Sarkar wrote (21.4.2008):
> Write your own panel function (which may or may not be a simple
> exercise depending on your level of expertise in R). You could use
> panel.barchart as a starting point. Basically, you need to insert
> some calls to panel.text() (or something equivalent) after calls to
> panel.rect() that draw the bars.

Thanks to Deepayan for his quick answer. Well, I am quite familiar with 
R programming, so programming would not be the issue. What is an issue 
is that I do not (yet) fully understand how the panel-function 
interacts with the calling barchart-function (or vice versa). My 
stacked bar is build of five variables [barchart(ID ~ 
L1+L2+L3+L4+DN ...) ] so the problem is that the data label to be 
displayed is either L1,2,3,4 or DN (for ID, see my first posting).

So the question is: How could I use the current data value used for 
drawing the "sub-bar" as an argument/variable for/in the 

Many thanks again & greetings,

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