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Past posts on this list have pointed out various pros and cons of different
methods of data transer to R from Excel, in particular, loss of precision,
formatting problems, etc. Do you have any comments about to what degree any
of these alternatives may be susceptible or immune from these difficulties?

-- Bert Gunter
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To transfer data from Excel to R you have a least 3 options.
RODBC is platform-independent. You can use it to read Excel files
on any platform where you have an ODBC driver for Excel installed.

xlsReadWrite is available only on Windows. It has a function read.xls
which reads data from Excel worksheets into data frames or matrices.
It does not need Excel installed.

RExcel (available through package RExcelInstaller on CRAN)
needs Excel. Among other things, it allows you to select
a range in Excel and transfer it into R through operations
available on additional Excel menus. RExcel not only allows data 
transfer, it also allows you to use R function in Excel macros and even
in Excel worksheet functions.

RExcel (and related software) has its own website at
http://rcom.univie.ac.at. It also has its own mailing list
which can be reached through this website.

ermimi wrote:
> Hello!!!
> I have been read a much about as read data from Excel File, but I haven´t
> found the necesary information to read the data.
> Now, I can create a channel :  channel <- odbcConnectExcel("file.xls") but
> don´t know as read the data??
> I hope that you could help me. Thank you very much.

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