[R] UTF-8 or Unicode on Windows PC

Hans-Joerg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Mon Apr 21 12:05:54 CEST 2008

On 21 Apr 2008, at 11:33, Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
> You didn't tell us your R version (or your locale).  Windows has no  
> UTF-8 locales, so a lot of work has had to be done to allow Unicode  
> chars to be handled on Windows.
It was more or less a general question on R running on Windows PCs.
Normally I'm using R on a Mac or Linux. But some of my students asked  
for the Unicode support for Windows' RGUI.

> Please look into 2.7.0 RC, and in particular its CHANGES file at
> https://svn.r-project.org/R/branches/R-2-7-branch/src/gnuwin32/CHANGES
These are really good news!
I would like to express my gratitude toward anyone who was/is involved  
in that development!

Is it possible to download a compiled snapshot of 2.7.0 for Windows XP?

Thanks a lot,


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