[R] Permanent change to the working directory

Eik Vettorazzi E.Vettorazzi at uke.uni-hamburg.de
Fri Apr 18 10:50:50 CEST 2008

On windows machines you could change the `Start in' field of the desktop 
shortcut for R to the desired working directory - you will find this in 
the properties of the shortcut. You could easily create several 
shortcuts for different projects this way.

You may also consider changing your .Rprofile, see ?.Rprofile


francogrex schrieb:
> Dear helpers,
> I've looked in the help files (maybe not very thoroughly but I looked) and I
> couldn't find a straightforward way to permanently set the working directory
> (where I save and read files). Each time I startup R the working dir is
> automatically "C:/R/bin" [using:getwd()], and I know I can change it using
> setwd [for example setwd("C:/R/DATA"), but it's only a transient change for
> the session, when I close and start a new R session it's in "C:/R/bin"
> again. How can I set it definitively to "C:/R/DATA" without having to redo
> it every session? Thanks

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