[R] Problems with R2WinBUGS

isabella at ghement.ca isabella at ghement.ca
Thu Apr 17 17:41:44 CEST 2008

   Dear Ben,

   Thank you very much for your reply to my R2WinBUGS query.  As requested, I
   am attaching the following files to this e-mail:

   1) The .odc file containing the WinBUGS code I am trying to run from R.  The
   nodes to be monitored for posterior inference are: T, best, d, lor, mu, or
   and p.

   2) The .R file containing the call to the bugs() function in the package

   3)  The .bug file containing the model specification used when calling
   Please  note  that  I  have tried to specify the initial values of the
   parameters  using a list rather than a function (as suggested by Peter
   Alspach), and got the following error message:

   Error in bugs(data, inits, model.file = "model.bug", parameters = c("T",  :
     Number of initialized chains (length(inits)) != n.chains

   Many thanks for any insight you may be able to provide into why the call to
   R2WinBUGS breaks down.  In case this may be needed, I am using R 2.6.2 and
   WinBUGS 1.4.

   Kind regards,


   Isabella R. Ghement, Ph.D.
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   Web: [2]www.ghement.ca

   On Wed , Ben Bolker sent:
     ghement.ca> writes:
     > Hello,
     > I am trying to use R2WinBUGS to conduct a mixed treatment comparison
     > analysis.
     > Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide!
     Can you please provide your model.bug file?
     Ben Bolker
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