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Wed Apr 16 00:05:23 CEST 2008

Thanks Mark!

markleeds at verizon.net wrote:
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>> Date: 2008/04/15 Tue PM 04:48:12 CDT
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>> Subject: Re: [R] looking for a string
> Hi Ricardo: you can use the idea you
> found below to apply Henrique's code inside subset.
> that's fine.
> BUT, you can also use Henrique's 
> code directly without using subset. it should
> work as is. test it out. i'm pretty sure it should.
> ALso, I don't remember what Charle's proposal was but,
> if you send it to me, I can see if I understand
> it and then explain it to you if i do.
> I have to leave now but I'll log in again around
> 11 pm US time. good luck.
Yeah, I think I got grep idea. Both options are possible.

Charles's entry:

    regexpr("Jalapa", as.character( unidad ) ) != -1

It was the first reply to my message.

It is a bit late here in Europe, so tomorrow morning I will keep track 
of this thread. Any insight will be welcome!

Thank you so much,


Ricardo Rodríguez
Your XEN ICT Team

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