[R] odfWeave: in multi-page plots only last page appears in document

Tobias Sing tobias.sing at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 20:20:49 CEST 2008

Dear all,

Max, first of all, many thanks for providing the odfWeave package.

My problem: Whenever I have multiple plots in one single chunk of my
ODF file, only the last plot gets shown. The problem can be reproduced
with this toy example (to be used in an ODF file together with
odfWeave -- I'm using the newest version 0.7.3):

<<plot1, echo=FALSE, fig=TRUE>>=
for (i in 1:3) {
    plot(1,1, main=paste('Plot',i))

I thought the solution (I hope there is one) might be found with
setImageDefs (e.g. by setting type and/or device to postscript and
working with the 'onefile' argument) , but I couldn't solve the
problem. So maybe this is not the right idea for a solution. In any
case, here is my current getImageDefs:

> getImageDefs()
[1] "png"

[1] "png"

[1] 480

[1] 480

[1] 5

[1] 5


Any help appreciated.
Kind regards,

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