[R] Multinomial Logit Regression

_Fede_ r_stat_solutions at hotmail.es
Sat Apr 12 14:16:34 CEST 2008

Hi again. I believe that I described the things bad before.

I want to make the analysis with a sample data (train.set) of dataset for
later see if the predictions adjust to the rest of data non selected with
the sample train.
Then, of the same form in glm:
net <- nnet(response.variable~., data = dataset, subset=train.set)
z=zelig(response.variable ~., model = "mlogit",data=dataset, subset=train)
But this don't work. I don't know yet if I do the MLR of this way. The
function multinom from nnet library maybe can help but I don't know how can
be the sintaxis in my case.
In case it serves as help in glm I do:
z <- glm(response.variable~., data=dataset, subset=train.set,

Thank you.


_Fede_ wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a dataset with a response variable with three categories (1, 2, 3)
> and a lot of continuous variables. I'd like to make a MLR with these
> variables. I've been watching the libraries nnet and zelig for this
> purpose but I don't understand them well.
> I use a training sample data to make the MLR.
> train.set <- sample(1:1000,1000*0.7)
> I have done this:
> library(nnet)
> net <- nnet(response.variable~., data = train.set)
> Error in terms.formula(formula, data = data) : 
>   '.' in formula y there is no 'data' argument 
> library(Zelig)
> z=zelig(response.variable ~., model = "mlogit",data=train.set)
> Error in terms.formula(object[[i]], specials = c("id", "tag")) : 
>   '.' in formula y there is no 'data' argument 
> What's wrong here? How can I make this in the correct form?
> Thank you in advance.
> _Fede_

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