[R] QP.solve, QPmat, constraint matrix, and positive definite

jpolo at mail.usf.edu jpolo at mail.usf.edu
Sat Apr 12 03:53:45 CEST 2008

i found the posdefify, nearcor, and nearPD functions, but can't get things
to work. when i tried nearPd, it gave me an dpoMatrix, but i don't know if
it would have worked because it said:
"31 x 31 Matrix of class "dpoMatrix" "
right between $mat and the actual matrix and i don't know how to cut that

i'm not sure i'm even putting the right variables in the right places,
relative to the functions' respective requirements.

sorry about double-posting as well. the web interface for school's email
uses some lousy jsp that times out in the middle of emails and whatnot.


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