[R] Structural Modelling in R-project

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Thanks for this, it's a good start. I am using a univariate series
indeed. Do you know where I could find the codes for StructTS please? I
can't seem to find it. Thanks again

Christian Ivaha
PhD Student
University of Glamorgan
Faculty of Advanced Technology
CF37 1DL

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if you have a univariate time series and you
want to break it into its various components, 
then you get the scalars based on a decomposition. 

if you have a kalman filter/
basic strucutural model type setup ( i.e see harvey 1990, can 't
remember title ), then you'll get matrices but I don't think structTS is
used for the latter ? Professor Ripley,  correct me if i'm wrong on that

because I don't use structTS.

I can't say much else but you may want to look at the DLM package if you
are trying to  do what I think you might be trying to do ?

>Hi all
>I was wondering if I could ask for some assistance on two little
>enquiries that I have got. In the R-project, when using the StructTS
>function on a times series Zt, the programs return this:
>StructTS(x = Zt)
>    level      	slope       seas    epsilon  
> 0.168461   0.000000   0.005113  10.743687
>My frist question is the following: The variances obtained seem to be
>numerical values although in the literature (e.g., Kendall and Ord
>(1990)), they are detailed as matrices. I need to provide these
>in my thesis but I am a bit lost as to how to write them down as.
>Secondly, how does the R-project decide on the dimensions of the
>Any help will be most appreciated
>Best Regards,
>Christian Ivaha
>PhD Student
>University of Glamorgan
>Faculty of Advanced Technology
>CF37 1DL
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