[R] two graphs in one figure?

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Dear Anne-Katrin,

You could use ggplot to do this. The example below works, although it generates some warnings.

dataset <- data.frame(x = 0:55, y = rnorm(56, 10), z = runif(56, 9, 11))
ggplot(data = dataset) + geom_bar(aes(x = factor(x), y = y), position = "dodge") + geom_line(aes(x = x, y = z))



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Onderwerp: [R] two graphs in one figure?

Dear all,

how can I plot a line graph and a bar graph in one single figure? I tried 
to combine "barplot" and "plot". Even though they both have the same 
x-values (1 to 55),  it just doesnt look as if they match in their scale 
(the barplot is much wider than the "plot"....even though I tried to put 
limits on the x-axis).
Here is an example of what I did:

barplot(y, xaxt="n",yaxt="n",ylim=c(-1,45), xlim=c(1,55))
plot(x, ynew, lty=2, type="l", ylim=c(0,15), xlim=c(1,55))

Another question: how can I make sure that the "0"-values from the barchart 
are displayed as well?

Thank you so much!

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