[R] How to estimate a hazard ratio using an external hazard function

Montserrat Rue montse.rue at cmb.udl.cat
Thu Apr 10 12:52:23 CEST 2008


I would like to compare the hazard functions of two samples using the Cox
proportional hazards model. For sample 1 I have individual time-to-event
data. For sample 2 I don't have individual data, but grouped data that
allows to obtain a hazard function.

I am wondering if there is an R function that allows to obtain a hazard
ratio of the two hazard funtions (under the proportionality assumption)
taking into account the censoring of the data?

I am aware of survexp and survdiff functions, but I am not sure if that is
the best way to do what I need.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Montse Rue
Department of Basic Medical Sciences
University of Lleida (Spain)

P.S. I sent this message yesterday, but I think I did something wrong and
it did not arrive to the list. I apologize if I sent it twice.

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