[R] Adding text to strip in xYplot

Christoph Meyer christoph.meyer at uni-ulm.de
Wed Apr 9 19:10:41 CEST 2008

Hi John,

a solution to your problem would be using strip.custom like this:

with(dat,xYplot(Cbind(ycomb, y.up, y.low)~x1|factor(grp), 
data=dat,type="l", method="bands", 
strip=strip.custom(factor.levels=c(expression("Anls km"^2),expression("Plants km"^2)))))

Best wishes,

Wednesday, April 9, 2008, 2:39:09 PM, you wrote:

> Hello again,

> I have been trying to add an expression to the strips in xYplot to no 
> avail.  For example, in the code below, the text in the strips for each
> panel is "Anls" and "Plts".  However, I would like it to add "Anls km^2"
> and "Plants km^2" with the exponents raised.

> I tried resetting the name of my groups in the dataframe before 
> plotting, but the dataframe only recognized the entire expression (e.g.
> expression(paste("Anls", km^2,sep=" ")) and not Anls km2 - which should
> not have surprised me.

> Any ideas?  Thanks for any help you can provide.

> John

> x1=rseq(1,30,0.5)
> y1=x1^2
> y2=10*(x1^2)
> ycomb=c(y1,y2)
> y.up=ycomb+0.1*ycomb
> y.low=ycomb-0.1*ycomb
> grp=rep(c("Anls","Plts"),each=length(x1)))
> dat=as.data.frame(cbind(ycomb, y.up, y.low, rep(x1,2)),stringsAsFactors=F)
> colnames(dat)=c("ycomb","y.up","y.low","x1")

> with(dat,xYplot(Cbind(ycomb, y.up, y.low)~x1|factor(grp), 
> data=dat,type="l", method="bands",
> scales=list(y=list(relation="free"),
> x=list(alternating=c(1,1,1))),ylim=list(c(0,1200),c(0,10000))))

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