[R] rgl_0.70.553.tar.gz install

Duncan Murdoch murdoch at stats.uwo.ca
Mon Apr 7 16:16:24 CEST 2008

On 4/7/2008 9:50 AM, Matthew.Cook at warwick.ac.uk wrote:
> Hi,
> I am an R beginner and wish to create some 3d plots. I have managed to
> install the rgl library and save 3d plots, but only as an R file. I wish
> to use rgl.snapshot so I can create a ".png" file and the plot can be used
> in LaTex.
> The function rgl.snapshot does not work (i get an error "failed" message).
> Having looked at previous posts, I believe that the problem can sorted
> using the rgl_0.70.552.tar.gz file.
> Having downloaded this file, i am unsure of how to load it into the R
> package (I am a Windows Vista user).
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Installing rgl from source on Windows is tricky, because it depends on 
several external libraries.  But the version on CRAN is much newer than 
0.70.552, so I'd recommend trying the binary from there before going 
back a full year to an unreleased test version.  If you have a problem 
with rgl.snapshot in 0.77, please simplify and the code you used to a 
line or two illustrating the problem, and mail it to or this list.

Duncan Murdoch

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